Coronavirus: Melaka conducts early prevention campaign

Coronavirus: Melaka conducts early prevention campaign

MELAKA Feb 10 — The Melaka state government through the state Department of Health is now actively conducting a campaign for an early prevention of the novel coronavirus novel 2019 (2019-nCoV) infection in tourism areas to raise public awareness of the virus.

State Health and Anti-Drug Committee chairman, Low Chee Leong said the campaign, which started on Feb 8, was launched in the areas around Jonker Walk and the Stadthuys building in Bandar Hilir before being expanded to other tourist areas.

He said 10,000 leaflets on early preventive measures including aspects of personal hygiene involving washing hands regularly and wearing mouth and nose masks were distributed to the public through the campaign.

“It is one of the initiatives which must be taken to raise awareness of the outbreak since Melaka is one of the leading tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists, while coronavirus is a global issue.

“Although Melaka has yet to record a case, preventive measures against the infection must be implemented,’’ he told reporters when met after the Melaka Historical City Council’s (MBMB) ‘Kemakmuran Bersama – Kongsi Kasih‘ Programme, here yesterday.

Earlier, he and Melaka Housing, Local Government, Environment and Green Technology Committee chairman Datuk Tey Kok Kiew and MBMB Mayor Datuk Mansor Sudin presented RM80,000 worth of basic necessities to 1,000 recipients under the MBMB administration.

Commenting further, Low said the Health Department would also meet with the tourism industry players in the state, especially the hotel and tourism bus operators to brief them on the early preventive measures and precautions that could be taken to prevent coronavirus infection.

He said the parties were also encouraged to provide mouth and nose covers as well as hand wash facilities on premises and public vehicles for the use of tourists using their services.

“We hope the tourism industry players can help implement the early prevention efforts against the virus … no coercion but it is part of the responsibility that can be done that will benefit everyone,” he said.