DAP’s Ramasamy says Azmin is greedy, egoistic, and no integrity

DAP’s Ramasamy says Azmin is greedy, egoistic, and no integrity

PETALING JAYA Feb. 26 — Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy has lashed out at Azmin Ali over the latter’s involvement in negotiations with Umno MPs last Sunday, saying the former PKR deputy president has no integrity.

“Azmin for all his astuteness, is not a person with integrity and decency,” the Penang DAP member said in an article questioning Azmin’s moves to engineer a change in the ruling coalition, which he said were to block Anwar Ibrahim from ascending to premiership.

News online portal Free Malaysia Today reported that Ramasamy questioned Azmin for accusing others of turning their backs on Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying it was him who was the “mastermind behind the move to form a new coalition”

“Having fought so hard against Ummo and PAS over the last few decades, Azmin was finally willing to join hands with them (Umno and PAS) just to stop Anwar from becoming the prime minister.

“Power, greed and egoism finally took over the better part of Azmin, a loyal lieutenant of Anwar, one of the key persons in the reformasi movement,” said Ramasamy.

Following several closed-door meetings involving Azmin and his faction in PKR on Sunday, the party on Monday decided to sack him and vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin.

This was followed by nine MPs including two former ministers announcing their exit from PKR to form an independent bloc.

Ramasamy suggested that those behind the Sunday meetings would “go down in the history as charlatans, traitors and those who would have no qualms of engaging in the worst forms of skullduggery”.

“History might be kind to those who warded off the nefarious forces that sought to undermine the trust and confidence given by Malaysians to PH in the last general election,” he added.