“In the past 2 years, I have had two laparoscopic surgeries

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buy canada goose jacket Jared picked a human feat, and did say at the PAX panel that Diath would never fly, which seems to show that Jared wants him to stay human, at any rate (not that Chris will necessarily respect that). There is definitely something up with his canada goose stockists uk ancient soul, but I wonder how much of that is from whatever the celestials did to his ancestors, and how much of canada goose outlet london it canada goose outlet locations in toronto might be canada goose outlet london uk related to whatever Shemeshka is doing to the piece she has. The tie in between the family feud and the Blood War seems to be related to the good evil balance that the multiverse needed to maintain, and maybe canada goose outlet ottawa this soul also needs to be preserved and kept out of the hands of Asmodeus so that another catastrophe doesn canada goose outlet in new york happen (another headcanon of mine is that Shemeshka purposefully made the soul her price for the mediation, specifically to keep the last soul out of Asmodeus hands, either to stop his plan to cause an imbalance that might give his side an edge in ending the Blood War and finally being able to deal with the material planes, or as a bargaining chip buy canada goose jacket.