Jenny remembered it distinctly

“I don’t know because I’m not them, but it is unusual to say that out of all of these brands out there, most brands don’t carry these sizes.”Additionally, larger bra sizes, which generally offer more coverage, require more fabric. And as Zak noted, “every cup size you go up, the material cost goes up.” Perhaps, then, some companies don’t want to incur the cost of making bra sizes beyond a DDD cup.Miller suggested that maybe a general lack of information is preventing more brands from widening their product offerings.”I encounter women in the fitting room all the time where I’m changing them from a B or C cup to an E cup and they are just shocked,” she said. “So they’re probably just sticking with what they know and what they’re succeeding with.”Sacrificing style is the main thing many mainstream companies and brands get wrong with bras beyond a DDD, Miller and Zak agreed.”They’re just ugly, and they’re scratchy and the material’s heavy and it’s shiny and it’s just not attractive,” she added.

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